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Ballroom Dresses, Latin Dresses, Skirts & Menswear.

The following dresses are offered for sale. Ballroom  Latin  Other  Men's

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Ballroom Dress
Turquoise Crepe Ballroom dress, designed & made by Chrisanne, London. Beautiful dress with plain front and drape. Back has a drape effect over the right shoulder to the stone design on the left side. Arm floats on each wrist are detachable by wrist strap and popper, so can be removed if required. Volcano, Capri Blue and Emerald
Swarovski rhinestones are used in the triangle abstract design around the wrists, shoulder and back. Heavily decorated around the bottom of the skirt with Swarovski Capri Blue rhinestones. The necklace is attached to the dress and is also made from matching Swarovski rhinestones.
Condition is very good - worn only a few times in competition.
Size 8-10.

500 Now 400 (GBP) ono.

Front   Back   Closeup - Stone Design.
Turquoise Ballroom Dress
Reduced Ballroom Dress Reduced
Unusual Raspberry Pink Ballroom dress with interesting arm detail. Satin bodice with flower patterned net over the top, full satin skirt with chiffon underskirts. Bodice and arms are heavily stoned with Swarovski rhinestones to follow the flower pattern of the net. The neck is decorated with Swarovski sew on jewellery stones and string drop crystal AB Swarovski stones.
Condition is very good - worn only once in competition & once in a show.
Size 10.

400 Now 250 (GBP) ono.

Front   Back   Closeup - Bodice & Neck.
Raspberry Pink Ballroom Dress
Ballroom Dress - SOLD
Passion Pink Ballroom dress, designed & made by Chrisanne, London.
Beautiful dress with satin skirt and net bodice. Decorated with pink lace and heavily stoned with Fuchsia Swarovski rhinestones & droppers. Back of dress has a very unusual waterfall ruffle feature.
Necklace and armbands shown in photo's are not included in the sale.

Condition is excellent - worn only twice in competition.

Size 8-10.

Front   Back   Closeup - Ruffle Feature.
Passion Pink Ballroom Dress
Ballroom Dress - SOLD
Beautiful Green Shaded Ballroom dress, designed & made by Sapiel, Italy.
Lightweight hand dyed silk and georgette, stoned with Emerald & Crystal AB Swarovski stones on the bodice, neck & arms. There is a light float over the right shoulder. Condition is excellent - this is a must see.
Size 8-10.

Side  Back   Front - Bigger Picture   Front - Closeup
(Please note there may be some colour variances between photographs, due to venue lighting etc.)
Green Ballroom
Reduced Latin Dress Reduced
2 in 1 Latin Dress. Wear with the wine overskirt or without. . .
Black & Wine latin dress with lots of swarovski rhinestones. Black lace & net underneath, fully stoned with wine swarovski stones to follow the swirl pattern of the lace. Wine crepe top skirt adds extra swing and movement when dancing. Superb condition, worn only twice. Designed by 'Choice' of London.
Size 8/10.

350 Now 200 (GBP) ono.

Front - bigger picture   Closeup   Back
Wine Latin
Latin Dress
Bright Orange 2 piece latin dress. Top is decorated with rhinestones and pearlescent hanging beads. Skirt is white lace trimmed with rhinestones and ostrich feathers.
Size 8/10.

50 ono.

Front - bigger picture   Closeup   Back
Orange Latin
Latin Dress - SOLD
Emerald Velvet Latin Dress, designed & made by Chrisanne, London.
The dress has a swirl design front and back, heavily stoned with Swarovski crystal AB rhinestones, and swarovski Jewellery stones. The back has an interesting criss cross feature. Accessories included are 1 heavily decorated arm band and 3 plain arm bands.
Condition is excellent.
Size 8 - 10.

Front   Back   Closeup - Rhinestone design.
Emerald Latin Dress
Practice/ Latin Dress
Bronze crushed velvet practice dress with interesting neck/strap detail. It would be easy to convert this into a latin dress with the addition of some stones. Excellent condition, as new.
Size 10.

30 ono.

Front - bigger picture   Back
Bronze Practice/Latin Dress
Practice/ Latin Dress
Green crushed velvet - knee length latin practice dress. It would be easy to convert this into a latin dress with the addition of some stones. Excellent condition, as new.
Size 10.

25 ono.

Front - bigger picture   Back
Green Practice/Latin Dress
Reduced Practice Skirt Reduced
Black crushed pleat practice skirt with diamante buttons down the front. Made by Chrisanne. Never Worn.
Size 14.

25 ono.

Front - bigger picture
Black Skirt
Ladies Supadance Ballroom Shoes - SOLD
Brand New Supadance Ladies Flesh Satin Ballroom Shoes. Never taken out of box, Perfect Condition.
Style: 1003
Size: 5
Heel: 2" Slim

Bigger picture
Ladies Ballroom Shoes
Men's Tail Suit - SOLD
Black Stripe Tail Suit, made by Brackleys, London.
Sizes: Chest 40"     Waist 34"     Inside Leg 30"
The trousers have an additional inch as turn-up that could be let down if required.
Includes the following accessories: Cummerbund, Bow Tie, Braces and Handkerchief.

Front - Bigger Picture  Back  Closeup
Black Tailsuit
Men's Tail Suit - SOLD
Superb Midnight Blue Tail Suit, made by Ron Gunn, London. Worn only twice.
Sizes: Chest 37"     Waist 28 1/2"     Seat 37 1/2"     Inside Leg 29"
Suit gentleman of around 5 ft 6" to 5 ft 8" tall.

Bigger picture
Midnight Blue Tails

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